Apparition of He

September 18, 2012

And just like that, he was gone

An apparition of aspiration gone wrong

This has all the excitement of a pair of frowning clowns

Lackluster & damp, this is the sound of silent turmoil

Spread upon a slice of desperation or maybe thirst, in the shape of a cactus

Prickled and dried; his virility and strength

He vanquished and squandered the possibility of a love that would heal wounds and restore faith in the color of air

Days where the sun stretches wide, bleeding buckets of light

Nights where the blind moon dances amid a royal flush of stars

A harmonious composition born in the key of immeasurable bliss

But oh how far from this truth this man doth lie

He was an apparition lounging inside stacks of flesh

Pounded together to form the cause of shelagh’s sleepless nights, swooning and collective heart erections

And now that the vultures of veracity have used his bones to satiate their stomach

What’s left but a hollow tomb, a ravished ribcage and the shadow of what was he

A postponed dream, awaiting form and vast possibilities

My lids are uncluttered & seeing is tactile to each nerve of my vein

For this bubble has burst, obliterated itself into shards of drunken fog

Devoured, this dream has but wilted

Imploded into hibernation, in vigilant eagerness for the tune of Him to be resurrected

By: Magnolia

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