Rain, Vapor and Rose Pedals

March 28, 2013

I caught a cab from 1st and everywhere,

drove around the city, head out the window, wind in my hair.

I was looking for you.

Lips pouting, ready rouge and black sheer.


How many ways do I need to tell you,

or better yet no,

 I’ll show you.


You’ve awoken the lioness.

I was sleeping,

panting heavy,

slow and rolling;

ready to be awake.


And then,

I was upside down.

Feeling the red leak, one drip drop to the tip of my brain

pushing against eyes, as I smiled and pretended to be sane.


It’s like being shot in the heart and loving, no needing the taste.

It’s walking alone in the dark while twisting and winding your waist.

And all I see,

are visions,

of you.


How about,

I’ll show you,

I’ll tell you,

no matter how.


I’ll show you,

I’ll tell you,

right now.


I bought a pair of silk stalkings

hoping they would speak to you;

They were black lace, see-through.

I slid them up my leg and well,

the rest was in my head.

I took the candles to bed and let the wax tilt and play

and my skin, well, it was red and warm the next day.


In all my millenniums, if there’s any time to look into my eyes

it’s right now.

No coy, only candid.

Can you see yourself in them?


A sculptor slaving over swallow happy skin.

And me, holding all my giggles in the corners of my grin.


And note,

that this omission,

is  for you,

and only you.


I only want to open my arms to

the one who can truly grasp

 the point,

to all,

of this.

But do tell me,

do you wonder how I kiss?


I’m constantly pouring myself over roses,

redefining the color of steam,

hoping to be unmasked, and then finally,



See I was porcelain,

stuck in one position;

until your hands,

They thawed me out.


I’m like a bee playing with a cat

“here kitty kitty,

But don’t by fooled by size, my bite sings,

deeply deeply.


And while looking for you,

you better find me soon.

Because frankly,

my darling,

life is quite boring without the bloom.


See, you’re like honey clinging to it’s bottle

lecherous, halting and light.

But one day, suddenly

you’ll be weighted with the desire to reach the tongue,

with all your might.

And well,

I might yawn

and even possibly,





Although I must say,

weighted in me, is so much of you.


Besides, who will help me put my pearls on

and slip on my black nylons.


Oh, and if you’re wondering.

I taste like



and rose pedals.








Photo: Katja












Photo: Calvin♥

Photo: Calvin♥

Photo: Calvin♥


Photo: Calvin♥

Photo: Katja

I only want to open my arms to

the one who can truly grasp

 the point,

to all,

of this.

But do tell me,

do you wonder,how I kiss?

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