Enigmatic In Its Ways

August 6, 2013

Post-feeling and pre-thought these words arose

Exalted and fastened into possibilities untold

Hope carves itself into polished dreams

As life tip-toes on a glassy balance beam

This destination beats in the rhythm of filling in the spaces of a journey, screaming in nature and roaring at heart

Bleeding immortal purpose, defined as abstract art

And while I stand plied in position and seeping of visceral avidity

I know not when my mind will grow beyond the gentle winds and sand-castles of my yesterdays

As I cower at the tall buildings fortitude to mute the suns illuminating rays

And my ability to defeat them, today

And as the sun rises I have yet to reconcile the weight of tomorrows set in motion by the dead

So taciturn in my dealings and concealed in my being I am fastidious in my head

Awaiting what, who, chance and luck

To feel the embrace of being freed, lightning struck

Enigmatic in its ways, this cog is smeared in beauty and  durable ways

Nov.23.12′ 1:23

By: Magnolia Lafleur

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