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Magnolia Lafleur has been living & working in Los Angeles as a narrative fine artist and writer, whose work is inspired by her experiences, philosophy, the art of storytelling, the pains & joys of manifestation and truth.

She was born in Sacramento, California from a Panamanian mother and Trinidadian father, and was raised in Guadalajara, Mexico and Omaha, Nebraska. Magnolia’s upbringing was not your average childhood. Her youth was riddled with travel, sports, craftsmanship, strict etiquette, philosophy and writing; a renaissance like lifestyle enforced by the choreography of her loving parents. Along with being a writer and artist Magnolia has run as a Professional Track and Field Athlete for the country of Trinidad and Tobago. She competed all over the world including world relays, CAC, NACAC, and two Olympic trial finals under the coaching of renowned coach Bobby Kersee. She retired from track and field in April of 2020 during her last Olympic trials attempt, under her final and great coach Darryl Woodson, due to the Covid-19 outbreak that disrupted the lives of many and rescheduled the Olympics. What was once a part-time career, has now become magnolia’s full-time endeavor: the vast world of art.

Having been immersed in an appreciation for nature, film, art & books since she was little, it was only natural that she developed a keen writing voice and unique brush stroke of her very own.

Magnolia’s art pieces are all based upon her short-story poetry which are influenced on her love of philosophy, psychology, and storytelling.
Her main medium is acrylic on canvas & art films expressed through a surrealistic & sometimes abstract narrative style.

She explores rebellious themes related to our spiritual connection to planet earth, nature vs. Technology (ego), virtuous love, history ( real and created), as well as our struggle to fulfill our inner callings.

The employment of words connected to the visual, stems from inspiration of film and classical music. Magnolia’s desire is to make work that is inspiring, impactful and provokes higher level thoughts, questions and feelings.




“Knowledge is the best eraser in the world for disharmony, distrust, despair, and the endless physical deficiencies of man.” -Battista, Orlando A.


Making a Difference,  Film, Screenwriting, History, Philosophy, Dance,  Poetry, Running (

(sprinting;), Art, Real Journalism, Peoples stories, Reading, Drawing & Painting, Film Scores, Music, Masterpiece Art, old literature, Traveling, Culture, Language, Anthropology, Psychology, Space, Mythology Studies, blaha blaha blaha….more later.

I ….

 *Graduated from University with a B.A in Print Journalism

*Have a love affair with
Film- Art- Sprinting- Poetry- Real History

*Spent a year in London completed an
International Business Certificate

*Worked as a Contributing Editor for Sublime Magazine & freelance writer for NOVICA National Geographic 

*Think we should all create something of significance & positive impact before we depart to the next act.

*Professional Track Athlete – Trinidad & Tobago National Team

* Luv swanky and boutique hotels, ethereal dresses, unique rings, knee-high socks, sweaters head bands and glitter.

 *Have been hooked on film, mashed potatoes, space, monkeys and dancing since I came out of the womb.

* Often wonder


*The Track & Theater are my second homes

*Am not English, but drink all hot beverages pinky’s up. What can I say, they just don’t taste the same w/o a lift of the digitus minimus ; )

*Like the smell of wet pavement and have a semi-obsession w/ crunching leaves, hot chocolate and dark & witty humor.

* I am working to be the master of my domain & am a work of progress splashing away on a canvas with the aim of unbridled actualization.

Please feel free to leave comments and/or email me with questions, ideas, perspectives, painting purchases, positive vibes etc.:

CASHAPP & VENMO: Magnoliahl


‘What Crones up Crows Drown’- Acrylic on canvas, 16×20- $500

Please check out my Poetry section & leave me your thoughts on the blog.

Well, feel free to pass my site to all your friends!
Thank you my lovelies, for popping by!

Now carry on w/ your great self ; )


14 Responses to “About Moi”

  1. bOJAN said

    A word LOVE – used and abused, hard to explain but much better to feel…if there is enough courage to surrender to it… maybe being in and acknowledging the moment of the truth is LOVE it self…
    Anyhow, thank you for your beautiful blog. 🙂
    Have a sunshine inside out,

    • Magnolia said

      Beautifully said Bojan! I agree w/ your sentiment very much. A surrender to feeling- filled truth leaves an opening to LoVe. Thank you very much for your kind comment and for reading!

  2. petrel41 said

    Congratulations, lovely!

    I have nominated your blog for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award.

    The rules of the award are at

    Well deserved! Enjoy 🙂

    • Magnolia said

      Wow, Hi petrel41, what wonderful news to wake up to! Thank you, that was really kind of you:) and much appreciated. I will make sure I check out the rules. Really, thanks a lot, makes me happy you like my blog and cool to be considered for an award as well.

  3. I simply want to tell you that I am just all new to blogs and honestly savored your blog. Almost certainly I’m going to bookmark your blog . You certainly come with exceptional posts. Cheers for revealing your web page.

  4. Matthew Kenneth Kosak said

    Really enjoy this piece, LoVs n Mua. Thanks for liking mine. This is true, about our technology these days, ‘dressing as progress’ and is it? To the point maybe of self absorbtion and self validation I think? We artists must fight this! haha. I’m an obsessed reader/interpreter of the Sonnets, so liked your Shakespeare allusions too. I can’t agree more that true love is a pursuit, and even an object, and I might post something philosophical here on this, but I’ve held off for now. I will say “AP” or apropo, for your nice blog, which was a Renaissance way of saying “I concur.” -Matt

    • Magnolia said

      Hi Matthew, really enjoyed reading your thoughts! You are a really great writer, very clear. I agree w/ you too about it being “self-validation” & “self-absorption.” That’s cool too that you are an interpreter of Sonnets, I’m a Shakespeare aficionado. I hope you have a really great Christmas! Will be sure to check out your blog frequently:)

      • Matthew Kenneth Kosak said

        Hi Magnolia, thank you for reading and your kind words! I value them as I believe you are very talented writer and artist, clearly. Yes, the Sonnets are plenty mysterious from a story point of view…there is so much in them! Looking forward to seeing more your excellent works and wishing you a very nice Christmas! 😉

  5. prosemachine said

    “Although I do find technology advancements useful and embrace some levels of modernization, I don’t believe that it goes hand in hand with progression, a word it sometimes dresses as.” I am quite fond of you. Lovely blog you have here. 🙂

  6. Hi Magnolia. Thank you for discovering my blog It gave me the opportunity to discover, explore and Follow your blog. Hope we both enjoy our journeys.

  7. Some genuinely interesting points you have written.Assisted me a lot, just what I was looking for :D.

  8. Jones said

    Blown away!!! Kudos!!! You inspire me

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