Your Lips, Dylan’s Voice

January 8, 2013


By: Magnolia

You introduced me to him.

His rickety voice scratched against my ear buds yet filled me, ever so slightly, to the brim.

I was young and you were dapper & sweet,

He was strange and a bit tottery & offbeat.

But never mind that he was not my favorite tune,

You loved him and that made my day, even on the rainiest of afternoons.

So in the fashion of a freshly made acquired taste,

I lay in bed wrapped in the melodies of Dylan while staring at your face.

Over and under he strummed me into a blissful sleep,

As I closed my eyes and dreamt of your kiss skin-deep.

The next morning the city was gray and I was blue,

As I watched you smile, wave and walk away with noble virtue.

And although you were gone, it was Dylan’s song;

That kept me afloat, for another day,

 For as long as I shut my lids, I could pretend it was all gonna’ be okay.

Your lips and Dylan’s voice are the last memories I left behind,

Before moving on past my emotional moonshine.


*Picture This*

January 17, 2011

Listen -Look – Relax


 Dreaming    By: Peter Przybille 

Alaskan Husky Tex dreaming in the landscape of Northern Norway








The Sunbeam
By:EricBuilt in England in the 1860









Andy Glass


                                              Santorini, Greece – By Jim Nilsen        




Falling Up- By: Nikki Jane  


The Endpoint
By Jeannette Oerlemans









Song of Tide
By Wira Nurmansyah








Ink Sea
By Hermin Abramovitch


Fan’s Eye
A macro shot by LauHi


Ant, The Driver
By Raphael Guarino









A Purple Leaf
By Juliet Heins- National Geographic










Alin Ciortea



Sky -By Venkane









Here Floats a Bubble in the Air  –  By D_oracle










Autumn in Red 


By Shazeen Samad



Bird and Water



By  R.See 







Two Legs – By Peter Grant