October 14, 2020

Compressed black and swallowed, it lays buried inside a canvas of melted, foolish lines.

Busted color leaked into solidarity on an open pupil.

Trapped inside a fluxing current smudged with bereavement and the blissful madness in-bedded from

the gluttony of au courant moments, moments true and peeled,

moments rotted and soiled in the profoundness bathing inside the ticking unanimity of ones own mind; visible existence.

And oh the things it bares witness to;

Transportive passions spun into the playful minds of eager architects.

Mid-summer sky’s, boiling, smiling, scolding the skin.

How it exchanges the dreams planked inside the weary tear ducts of tepid cooling clouds.

And blackness, born from a speechless space, an alchemistic abyss;  one third of our lives.

What paradise finds home inside these jello eyes?

For it is they that wrote this, not I.

Eyes of white,

Eyes of gold,

Courted and neatly trimmed by the thoughts of Michael Angelo.

These glinting, darting, dancing eyes,

Why they have no option but to nebulously sink, in occasion, behind the squint of suspicious lids.

Safeguarded at all times.

But while they remain veiled beneath weakened lids,

They remain open,

fixated inside the belly of a crepuscular night;

 They do not sleep.



What started out as a hum became a boom of unmanaged thought.

Staccato beats biting in the measure of grit, clamped against his cage.

Provoked into becoming, he did not look before he leaped.

And what was once dull, complacent, flowing water trickling down a lane of satisfied tissue,

Became jagged hunger aimed at swallowing everything whole.

Thickened desires shackling the senses and sharpening impulses,

Gave way to choking the vices of a freshly lit butt stacked in-between the violence of his teeth.

Clench fisted and with trembled brow, a plot of smoke slithered in-between the fractures of his mind,

While dank internal narratives bled from his axis.

And behind his eyes was the freezing heat of brazenness, freed from constraint.

A beast billowing from behind his flexed peeled skin

Ripped through the carnage  of his cerebellum,

Whilst zoetic engravings oozed from his lucidity.

And palm to ground, with flexure vision interlaced in roaring grandiloquence, he sired the earth.