Mozart’s Beak

January 16, 2019


Sometimes I stand in one place,
but I am not there
In this place,
you do not know me.



Here, my blood boils between sighing senses and a sewn In gut
Like cats teeth
I gnaw and claw at my weakest strands
Pulling apart the places where I failed to take a stand.


I stand heart swelling between my pores
this scared crows beak through atmospheric places fighting for MORE!


Ruin and rapture, left to swim amongst the stars I soar.


As my lips peel themselves around
Paradoxical pastries pleasurable and poisonous

It is my insides that hemorrhage rabid &  boisterous.

Adom split, I am divided by three


Frozen shelled it’s my soul that screams FREE!

giphy (2)Pouting, swollen in arrogance
It bleeds through my eyes
Where I remain is far from where my soul flies.




And as I sink beneath the graveled earth, devoured
by swallowing mud and loving larva

it’s Mozart’s beak that reminds me of Nirvana


Flapping feathers furrowed then freed above
fluffy mounds of blushed cotton,
Breeze brushing backwards beyond dreams begotten.
Tonight I dream of leaving it all, of basking in the forgotten.



And in that warm, dusk kissed light,
Horizon stretched
My insanity is etched
A thicket of desires beating through pounds of flesh.

Thirsting for resurrection, I stop only to drink from my own reflection.


Still stood, cold framed
And sweaty
I soar with Mozart, extending myself, creating compositions, rubbed and ready

Violent they’ve become sharpened steal pointed and pinning
Forcing me to go to the beginning.

And in the beginning, “the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.”
My veins weep as my breath, it leaps beyond this eternal sleep.

giphy (5)


Sometimes I stand in one place,
but I am not there
In this place,
you do not know me.

giphy (4).gif


But should you look upon my pushed past in present face

There you’ll find, entombed inside gorged lids, my soul, the God of impenetrable space.  beakMOZ1


By: Magnolia Lafleur

What is Bliss?

September 14, 2018


But to have ones heart saturated with all the best ingredients.

Chocolate powder, swirled into crystal cubed, brown sugar bumps.

Mixed with chilled white milk and

Stirred inside endless clarity;

Only to be baked into a soft edible fever.

Coated with crying, frothed cream,

just happy to be apart of something.

Half-done, half- raw, half -baked, all-together.

Dreaming of filling in the space  of unsealed lips.

If for nothing else, isn’t this why we exist?




 By: Magnolia

“Is it possible to beatbox perfectly, without a single mistake? YES! There’s a beat that’s SO DAMN HARD that i thought it would be literally impossible to get every sound clean, the rhythm in the pocket, the pitches on point, etc. I’ve been working on it since May, and today, with repetitions after repetitions, I FINALLY got it PERFECTLY for the first time!!”

Beyond exciting news! Our very own Beat Rhino, this amazing vocal percussionist from California, just won

After charging into the finals and battling the best beatboxers in NY from all around the U.S, he has been crowned the King of Beatboxing.



And to find out a little bit about the man behind the beats check out this Q&A

May I Present.. BEAT RHINO!!!

If you want to hear him live here are some upcoming events:

8/9~8/13 jamming with frisco in socal
8/17 house battle in LA
9/7 midwest battle qualifier ventrilo battle
9/24 UCLA SCA showcase


To the perseverent goes the crown!  Here’s to you and to your cup, may it always runneth over!

Behind every great wo/man is the motto:


May I Present…Beat Rhino

February 9, 2013

The boom, bass and beat behind music exists in the soul of Beat Rhino.

Ladies and gentlemen, may, I present one of the best beatboxers in the country, born in South Korea, and raised in the United States from age ten and on, Moonsoo Jo, has established himself in the world of beatboxing as a genius sound engineer.  In 2007, after hearing a friend, Airickq beatbox, Beat Rhino was hooked. He created a music crew with whom he performs alongside, called Lafia Crew in 2008. With the most malleable vocal cords, Beat Rhino is able to mimic and create symphonic beats that sound like they’re coming straight out of the instrument themselves.




A sophomore at UCLA, Beat Rhino is a Mechanical Engineer, who spends his time outside the classroom, if not on stage performing, then perfecting and practicing to create spellbinding beats throughout the campus. Matter of fact, when I met him, he was near the UCLA track bleachers engineering the most wicked vocal beats.

This past January, he won the Wildcard Contest for the Grand Beatbox Battle  2013 which will be held in Basel, Switzerland. He will be the first  to represent the USA in the event’s history.


 (BScene Grand Beatbox Battle Badges)

So, without further ado may I present,

the U.S representative and

one of the best vocal percussionist in the business

Beat Rhino

(2013 with a performance at Beacher’s Madhouse, Los Angeles)
(art cred: Shrimpie Jin)
Name and  where were you born?

Moonsoo Jo aka Beat Rhino. Daegu, South Korea


College and major?

UCLA, mechanical engineering

What do you want to do for a living for the rest of your life?

music / creative field






Describe your personality in five words.

watery, vast, optimistic, fun loving, hungry




Fan made Beat Rhino Cake:

Photo: Greetings, Beat Rhino!

When you were a little what did you want to be?

the most average person in the world

What are your 3 favorite virtues?

wisdom, kindness and time keeping (i don’t necessarily own these)


What qualities do you look for in a friend?

i don’t like to think about finding qualities in a friend. there must have been a connection of some sort


For what fault do you have most toleration?

i don’t see things as faults, but just characteristics (at least in my mind). I try to see it as what it is, leaving it at a neutral level, not classifying it as a fault or advantage.

What is the inspiration behind your beat boxing?

The fact that it has no limits, and my being able to do it anywhere at any given time


When did you begin beat boxing and why?

In freshman year of high school, 2007 because my friends did it.

What do you find empowering or moving behind beat boxing?

it can literally move me. “if you can genuinely move yourself with your own beatboxing, you can move other people.” – reeps one. you can make other people dance without any equipment.
its sounds are inevitably more human compared to electronic music, even for a super clean beatboxer. beatboxing feels alive.



Entry  audition for the Grand Beatbox Battle 2013,



What is your most and least favorite  food?

kimchi / polenta


What is your most treasured possession?




What are your favorite places to rehearse?

the stadium, gyms

What is your idea of happiness?

your legs and feet: it’s a mode of transportation, and you already own it (unless your legs are disabled; then your hands)


What is your idea of misery?

a ferrari TR: also a mode of transportation, but (should be) driven by few people. it looks awesome, and appeals to other people, but does the car really have any meaning?



If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

that i try harder in life


What is your artistic process to learning how to imitate certain sounds?

try to get the exact mechanisms of how that sound works, like do i need to use more tongue or lips?

What’s was one of the top two most enjoyable moments as a beat boxer so far?

when professional beatboxers commented on my video


What is your next event / what is your schedule of performances and where?

Kenya Sing @ UCI, Feb. 27th
Break LA @ UCLA, Apr. 26th


What is your ultimate goal with beat boxing, on a material level (awards and shows ) and on a personal fulfillment level?

1. collaborate with artists that i respect, and gain respect as a musician from both those artists and general public
2. make people smile 🙂

What has been your most recent muse?

clams casino / living a healthy life

My favorite past times are

1. youtube videos 2. korean tv programs 3. dreaming



Favorite Sound:




Favorite thing in nature:





One of your favorite movies:



One of your favorite artist/ photographers?

mark landis

One of your favorite musicians:

kendrick lamar


Favorite place or music that inspires you:

the space in front of Coach John Wooden’s statue at UCLA

Favorite smell:

  fresh air




What would you advice to others about pursuing their dreams  and learning to get good at something they are may be weak in?

spend time with concentration




Whose your role model?




Favorite Motto?

“if you can genuinely move yourself with your own beatboxing, you can move other people.” – reeps one


Can’t get enough: Beat Rhino’s Sound Cloud, Beat Rhino Facebook, Youtube Beat Rhino , Swis Beat Competion 

Thank you Beat Rhino for the Interview & good luck in Switzerland beatboxing your way to number one.

Thy Name is Lady

January 12, 2013



God you should have seen her, hemorrhaging with ambition while smiling in the harshest of heat.

She stood in the belly of that crowd, raised her arm in the air & matched her heart to the beat.

And suddenly every patron in the city, believers &  doubters, rose quickly to their feet.

Their fists pounding against the rhythm of  the wind; boom, boom, boom, boom!

Kinetic electricity surged from every cavity & splashed through every layer in the room.

Head high and shoulders back, she gave the deuces to anyone who didn’t think she had the knack.

Once the souls that questioned her are now asking for her signature.

Although in the dark & blind to the masses, she doubted nothing while lighting her own torches.

Bearing the brunt of naysayers & pile driving while supplying her own transfusions,

Every night she closed her eyes and challenged the dark with esoteric allusions.

She was a woman, but didn’t need to prove it.

Her ears had swallowed  broken glass and her knees felt the itch of mud and laughing grass.

And while it was in style to sport the scent of gin and sex,

She didn’t bother, she was a self-accepted reject.

All the while undeserving, with gut and grit, she pushed Sisyphus rock up and made it stick.

Her razor tongue savored the water of Tantalus and of others opinions, she could care less.

Unapologetic & foolhardy with determination, she fashions her lips with bona fied narration.

But when the crowd has dissipated she sits alone, contemplative.

And although she is silent in her tears, she paints only what she wants herself to mirror.

Saying nothing, she curls her fingers around the heart of the moon

She squeezes it in hopes of growing more immune.

A disciple, a trend rebel, a lady who bears her own name, she breaths to the beat of her own drum, she is a consummate dame.


Your Lips, Dylan’s Voice

January 8, 2013


By: Magnolia

You introduced me to him.

His rickety voice scratched against my ear buds yet filled me, ever so slightly, to the brim.

I was young and you were dapper & sweet,

He was strange and a bit tottery & offbeat.

But never mind that he was not my favorite tune,

You loved him and that made my day, even on the rainiest of afternoons.

So in the fashion of a freshly made acquired taste,

I lay in bed wrapped in the melodies of Dylan while staring at your face.

Over and under he strummed me into a blissful sleep,

As I closed my eyes and dreamt of your kiss skin-deep.

The next morning the city was gray and I was blue,

As I watched you smile, wave and walk away with noble virtue.

And although you were gone, it was Dylan’s song;

That kept me afloat, for another day,

 For as long as I shut my lids, I could pretend it was all gonna’ be okay.

Your lips and Dylan’s voice are the last memories I left behind,

Before moving on past my emotional moonshine.


May I Present…Kenny Wood

December 21, 2012

 “If you know deep in your heart that you have what it takes to go far as a musician, then don’t let anything stop you.  With patience, determination, and a little bit of a business sense, you will get there.  Above all, you just got to be yourself and be the best at whatever it is that represents you.  When people see that, they’ll flock to you because you inspire them by simply believing in yourself.”- Kenny Wood

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present one of the finest composers to watch for in 2013.  He was the conductor for the  2009 Academy Award nominated animated short Oktapodi  and has been lauded for his virtuoso musicianship.  His compositions create an atmospheric cloud where musical notes galvanize the emotions and act as a vital counterpart to any moving picture.

Mr. Wood’s compositions in film, TV, Web and Video Games have been premiered around the world at many renown film festivals. With a bewildering  work ethic and commitment to making a difference through music, it is clear that when we look back at the history books, Mr. Wood’s name will surely be in line with the highest acclaimed composers  in film like Thomas Newman, Alexandre Desplat, Mychael Danna, Dario Marianelli, John Williams,  Rachel Portman , Philip Glass, and Danny Elfman.

unSET - score

So, without further ado may I present,  an emotional defibrillator to  Film, TV, Web & Video Games, Composer,

Kenny Wood


Kenny Wood MUSIC

Where are you from?
Los Angeles, CA

When you were  little what did you want to be?
A pro athlete, though when I realized that may not pan out, I knew I could not be happy being anything else, but a musician.

Do you have a score that moves you the most? 
Danny Elfman’s score to “Batman” (1989)

What score was the most fun to work on?
One of my earliest projects, “Jungle Gym” (2006)

What’s the latest project you are working on?
A hilarious web series comedy, “Research.” that is destined to become a hit TV series

What are three words you think of in conjunction with music:
1: harmony 2: sophistication 3: joy

What inspires you or initiates the inspiration that drives you? Do you have a process? 
When I’m collaborating on a song or film score, the main thing that inspires me is seeing a high level of passion, dedication, and quality from my collaborators.  When I see a film that just looks amazing, the musical ideas come flowing in instantly.  Same for songs, if the lyric or initial inspiration is great, my instincts take over from there.  On the other hand, when I write music for myself, the inspiration comes from my life experiences, the people I know, the world as I’ve seen it, both in good times and in bad.

What has been your most recent muse? 
For the last couple weeks, I’ve been listening to the score from Dreamworks’ “How to Train Your Dragon,” by John Powell.  I love the work of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, but I felt the Oscar for best score that year should have gone to John for his tremendous work on that score.

My favorite three past times are:
1: exploring culinary delights with my girlfriend of 6 years 2: jamming to music with friends 3: Watching Lakers basketball


Favorite word:


Favorite thing in nature:

spider web lights 2

One of  your favorite movies: 
“Monsters Inc.”

One of your favorite musicians:
Oingo Boingo guitarist Steve Bartek, whom I’ve had the pleasure of jamming with on a few occasions.

Favorite place to create music:
Wherever I am when an idea pops into my head.

Favorite smell: 
Southern BBQ

Favorite sound: 
Stadium crowd cheering (for your team)

Was there a time you felt like you were not going to be able to make a living off of being a musician?  What would you advice to others about pursuing their dreams based upon how you were able to manifest yours.
To this day, I have spats where I feel I may not make it as a musician… it goes with the territory.  The best advice I have to up-and-comers is to know that you guys are not alone when the feeling of failure comes along.  If you know deep in your heart that you have what it takes to go far as a musician, then don’t let anything stop you.  With patience, determination, and a little bit of a business sense, you will get there.  Above all, you just got to be yourself and be the best at whatever it is that represents you.  When people see that, they’ll flock to you because you inspire them by simply believing in yourself.

Who/What inspires or moves you? 
I’m inspired most by art, film, or anything in the world that’s done well.  The great masters like Da Vinci, Beethoven, Thomas Edison, etc. devoted their entire lives to making their contributions to society second to none as well as make them something the entire world can appreciate for generations to come.

What’s one of your favorite quotes? 
“No matter what, you just got to strut.” from “The Nutty Professor”

KENNY WOOD’s compositions:

 Kenny Wood MUSIC

Sudden Death!

Go For It!


The Case of the Missing Garden Gnome


Do Whatever


The Good River