Not to Look but to See

July 31, 2013

Does the evening black blind thee from  transparent truths?

  Before I knew my wants

it ’twas you I desired.

 Strangers we are merely by flesh,

but thine heart, ’tis thine heart that I know best.

Why amongst a strobe of lights

’tis thine eyes that affect and excites.

And while thou covers thyeslf  in a sheath of  fears soaked in the anxieties of olden, crooked paths,

know that the more thine release, the less thou must combat.

Embraced ye shall bask in the merriment of an undiscovered place.

 So I say to thee in this breath, as though it were mine last, that infinitely I shall bend towards you,

for thou art my sun!

So if ye shall not rise with me,
then let there be no dawn.

First Art work by the brilliant Sergio Albiac:

Unreleased thoughts experimental

Sergio Albiac:- Dotted bust of a young woman – On a sculpture of Josep Reynés (1850 – 1926)

Second Art work by the brilliant Sergio Albiac:Generative and procedural digital image