January 13, 2014




You’ve revealed me.

Broken flesh ripped from the bone, unfathomable like song seeping from a closed lip stone.


I felt the trail of your lips in deep slumber.

It bound then bled the breath out of me, like starving rose vines clenched around a brittle tree.


You occupy the space betwixt anguish and revelry

Crystalized, like a happy sea pearl, bathed recklessly; You move me.


Cremated in the ecstasy of risen dust, I am a composition made of sentimental leaves, the nights beating lights and dirt, fermented & churned to rust.

Molten your thoughts.

Like grapes swallowed in the belly of a hungry hand, pick, bite and swallow me whole ;

And if you abandon the complexities of pride

you will feel me with each mouthful.

Let the heft of your visible existence sink & die

And I will be the waves on your shore that rise, crash & cling to your every side.

Undressed & transparent, tunneled between softened ribs, is everything to you I give.